Journey within

Whilst the present time is characterized by constant rushing, hustling and bustling, and unceasing tension, we would like to invite you to find a safe place inside your heart: your soul. Often stormy waves rage at the surface of our lives. This is the time to withdraw to the bottom of the sea where everything is still and calm, where you can feel secure. Dive into this space with us. Remain inside your heart, where peace, love and shelter can be found.

Searching for Love

On my long journey searching for true love – and I am still travelling this road – I have learned one thing: love means to give without the desire to take.

Love allows us to come into a real connection with ourselves, our fellow humans, with every living entity, to experience that connection and to live likewise. In other words, to live by loving each other and to feel loved.

By listening to these songs I wish you to embark on a journey into your own heart, where all of our love is stored.

Suzanne Jacob


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